> Certified fabrication

Magnier Industries sell high performance equipment manufactured according to strict procedures. We guarantee rigorous controls, carried out under ISO / CE / ATEX quality certification.

> High performance products

Products that meet your requirement and are designed to take into account :
> the physical characteristics of the goods to be conveyed
  or treated (density, particle size, humidity,
  temperature, corrosiveness...)
> manufacturing requirements (throughput, space,
  regulations, process control)
> prevailing climatic conditions at the geographical destination.

Our integrated materials handling installations are engineered to give
optimal throughput using proven and progressive techniques :
> good performance (excellent throughput/power ratio)
> perfect stability and well designed resistance
> robust and reliable mechanical equipment
> adapted surface treatment
> easy to operate, appropriate to current safety regulations.

Magnier Industries is one of the last remaining bulk handling companies manufacturing all its equiment in France (on its site at Nesle).